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Sharing illusions and dreams...

Crane Guatemala was born inspired by sharing illusions and dreams. The illusion to unleash creativity and recover the value of handmade by designs inspired in our love for nature, textures, natural materials and artisan techniques.
The dream of sharing a little piece of us through high quality products, designed and produced with care and attention to details which uphold that beautiful differentiation, result of manual work making each piece unique. 
We combine this to create modern and functional designs for those Slow-Shop lovers and those who seek original products with a story to tell.
Crane products are made entirely by hand, in small batches.  We believe a mindful approach to production is the most sustainable way forward -by eliminating over production, as well preserving the uniqueness of each piece.

Odoo • Texto e imagen

Odoo • Imagen y texto

About our name

Crane /krein/ is one of the most popular origami figures, it represents a symbol of hope.

The Japanese refer to it as the "bird of happiness." They believed that on their wings they carried souls to paradise.

Traditionally it is believed that by folding a thousand of them, your wish comes true.

Crane represents our dream come true.